MLRC Launches Zingers! - New Political Cartoon Game for 2016

Zingers! makes politics an acceptable social discussion topic and, creative fun. Political cartoon cards give players the opportunity to deliver the quip they always dreamed of.

A gentle quip for the good pols and a sharp bite for the rest, whether liberal or conservative. The game consists of three card decks. The first contains 50 presidential candidates, party leaders and pundits. The second includes 120 short story lines that set up the zingers. The third contains 270 well crafted images and snarky closing lines. Players role play newspaper Reporters who rotate the responsibilities of Editor. Seven cartoon cards are dealt to each Reporter. The Editor selects a subject and story line. Reporters each submit a cartoon. The Editor selects the best, Reporters replenish their cards, the role of Editor shifts and a new round begins. The winner is the Reporter whose stories have most often been rated the best. Zingers! was created in the purple state of Colorado and is currently on Kickstarter: A limited number of supporters may contribute cartoon designs and place their names into stories. Zingers! is being published by the Metaphor Language Research Center LLC. For 25 years, MLRC has developed and applied symbolic languages for communication, strategy and operations analysis in businesses, the U.N., other international agencies and developing country governments. Web site: Reporters may contact the developer at:


Boulder, Colorado,
Denver, CO 80303,
United States


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